Exciting news and a major step forward is being reported out of Meridian this morning.  If you have been following this issue, you know that the City of Meridian has in the past not had an anti-discrimination clause to protect those by sexual orientation or gender identity.

Last night, several hours of public comment and testimony before Meridian City Council took to the floor of the city council. Parties that support the movement and parties that oppose it both took to the floor to explain THEIR thoughts on the issue. After the council allowed hours of discussion and testimony, a vote of 4 to 2 was taken--granting the anti-discrimination ordinance eventual approval.

For Meridian, this is a huge step. Surrounding cities also have ordinances protecting sexual orientation and gender identity in the work place and in fair housing. Now, Meridian is one of them.

Truly, to me, this isn't a matter of "conservative or liberal" and nothing NEW is being passed. In fact, the only thing being made "illegal", if you will, is discrimination. That, I believe, all of us in the community, regardless or religious or political affiliation can agree, is a good thing.

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