Growing up, there were four sports or activities I've never been good at: soccer, ice skating, roller blading, and baseball. In fact, the one time I ever went to an ice rink was for a friends birthday party and I recall them getting really mad at me for digging the heel of my blade into the ice. I made a big hole and got ushered off of the ice when I was a ripe 10 years old.

If skating on ice is your thing and you're actually able to do it, unlike me, then I've got some great news. The outdoor ice rink will be opening up at The Village at Meridian beginning noon on Saturday the 11th.

Kids 12 years old and younger can skate for just $5 and adults for only $7. Of course, skate rentals are available as well.

For more on ice skating at The Village At Meridian and to see a list of rules and hours, click HERE.

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