Truth be told, the entirety of the internet is just as available to your kids as it is to you. The Meridian Police Department offers up some tips if your tween is using apps!

Once in a while I'll be scrolling through Instagram and I'll see a post that is a little sketchy and I'll see that my NEPHEW liked it. I often think to myself... It's pretty wild that all that is the internet that I can access is also available to kids. Kindly the Meridian Police Department has put together some tips for parents of tweens using apps!

  • First off, they suggest that you try out the apps your kids are using yourself. Get an idea of what type of app they're using, and see the content they'll be accessing through that app.
  • Secondly, ask them why they need to use this particular app. TikTok? What'sApp? Why do they NEED this? This may be the start of more important conversations that need to be had.
  • Third, talk about the risks and remind them, like our parents told us, never to put their personal information out online, especially in areas that can be visible to strangers.
  • Fourth, checking their phone out once and handing it back to them may not be enough. The Meridian Police Department suggests that you remain vigilant and regularly see what they're up to on that device.
  • Lasty, use parental controls or find a third party monitoring service. Obviously kids like their privacy, but what's more important? That or their safety?
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