When I was a kid, going to Taco Time was always a treat. My dad and I would ride our bikes to the Taco Time in downtown Nampa for some hard shell tacos. It was always the highlight of my week...month...who knows how often we went?  I remember all of the details, down to the strange man that smoked a tobacco pipe outside of the restaurant and wore about 4 different watches around his wrist(s). This said, today it's time for a Taco Time Check-In

Dear Taco Time, 

My name is Mateo. I wanted to write and let you know that you're everyone's hero today. No joke. 




Please see above, my open letter to Taco Time. Hopefully someone reads my appreciation because I am totally using them for free things today. According to their website, today is their first ever Mexi-Friday!  With the purchase of a drink, you're getting a free order of mexi-fries. It's that simple.

To find a Taco Time near you, click HERE.

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