The clock is ticking and time is winding down to Valentines day. The big question is what are you going to gift your significant other? In the past few days I've written a couple of articles on things not to give your loved one for the biggest love holiday. Fortunately what I'm about to share with you was not on the list and if you and your valentine love Machine Gun Kelly this is perfect. As an MGK fan you would know that he is in a major love affair with Megan Fox, that being the case MGK has released new merch that features him and Megan kissing on the front of hoodies and t-shirts.

However if your looking for a little something more risque ( Hustler Hollywood / Adam & Eve style) MGK has just the thing for you... The new and improved Lil Devil 2.0 What is it? read the description below from ALTpress.

"The new and improved Lil Devil 2.0 is water-proof, meaning it can be used in showers, pools, etc. and the device has five vibration speeds. Plus– the new toy has a new grooved design, which will create different sensations than the original one. comes with its own storage pouch"

If you’re a MGK fan but you're thinking to yourself... What does MGK know about adult toys? Think again, according to the article this is not his first rodeo.

"This is not his first time working in the sex toy realm, as he did offer a vibrator last year for Valentine’s Day, too. His first Lil Devil was red and branded specifically for Hotel Diablo.


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