Being hispanic, I can eat latin food  all day long. Whether its just rice and beans or a full-on fajita platter, if it is laid in front of me it will be eaten. Well here is my list of favorite Mexican restaurants in the Treasure Valley in no particular order.

Obviously fast food doesn't count and these are my opinions. If you feel like I left one out. let me know.

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    La Tapatia

    Nestled in a small strip on Parkcenter, this place for me has the most authentic food and most delicious food out of any restaurant in Boise. It is priced just right and the flavors of each plate feel just right as it goes into the belly. I believe it is highly underrated and its never packed which is good, becomes it means I can always get my food in a timely manner. If you haven't eaten here, you're missing out.

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    Los Betos

    Los Betos is pretty authentic and I love the flavor of a few of their dishes. It is not your traditional sit in Mexican restaurant but none the less the food is great. I would say its a high end taco bell. The best part of their menu is their breakfast burritos and that they are open 24/7. Definitely the best hangover cure or if you got the late night munchies.

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    El Gallo Giro

    Enrique's in Kuna is nestled on Main St. and has amazing food. Its quaint, yet always busy. Again tastes authentic and you cant go wrong with a dish here. This place is more of a sit-down restaurant so make sure before heading out that you make a reservation or at lest they aren't to busy.

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    Matador- Boise

    The Matador probably has the best happy hour. Their food is incredible and since they are a tequilaria they have best drinks in town. This restaurant is one of my favorites especially cause it sits in Downtown Boise and is near the green belt.

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