Coming up Monday, we begin our spring edition of Miller's Mission, partnering with the Boise Rescue Mission to raise awareness and funds for the rescue mission. Miller's Mission started over ten years ago when I slept and broadcast my show from the Boise Rescue Mission's River of Life Shelter in downtown Boise if you're new to Idaho.

Pennies For Progress

A preview of the spring edition of Miller's Mission.

Over the years, we've moved out of Boise to Nampa. We will be living at the Nampa Wal Mart on Garrity and Franklin beginning Monday at 6 am till Saturday at 6 pm. This year's campaign will be called 'pennies for progress.' We invite you to collect all your old and new pennies, plus any other change to drop off at the Wal Mart.

The Boise Rescue Mission does not receive any national or state government funds. Their programs that feed the needy provide warmth and shelter, job training, and addiction recovery are funded through events such as Miller's Mission. We will be taking your donations large, and there is no such thing as small at the Wal Mart.

A special thanks to First Federal Bank for their support of the Boise Rescue Mission. We will be counting the pennies at their location after Saturday's show. Treasure Valley Subaru continues to fund our efforts year after year, supporting our fellow Idahoans. Camping World Meridian provides our shelter during our 'vacation' in Canyon County. Thank you to Team Mazda for being a dedicated partner from the beginning of Miller's Mission.

Without the help of those mentioned above, we could not be the voice of the rescue mission.

Without recognizing our departed 'big brother' Larry Gebert, one cannot mention our endeavor. Monday will be the first Miller's Mission without Larry leading the charge broadcasting on KTVB. Words cannot justify Larry's impact on our ability to reach thousands of people. He was a giver that our community will continue to miss. There will not be a moment during Miller's Mission week that I will not be thinking of him. We hope to follow his fine example of charitable giving.

Miller's Mission

A look back at the first 10 years of Miller's Mission

Miller's Mission Concludes in Nampa, Idaho

A powerful week of giving concludes commemorating 10 years of Miller's Mission benefitting the Boise Rescue Mission. Give a Turkey, Don't be a Turkey.

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