Alright, it's another week of Missed Connections and if you don't know the drill by now, it's time to get your act together!

While I think summer is the worst time to jump into a relationship--there's just so much to do--perhaps you're feeling lonely and just MAYBE someone in the Treasure Valley is wishing you were theirs! I search the internet high and low for the best missed connections weekly and this week, one of these could be about YOU!

Below you'll find the top for this week! Oh, and if you end up dating one of these people...can you at least tell me so I can take credit!?

You noticed my beer selection and noticed I was having a party. You were tall and cute with a navy MV sweatshirt on... I should have invited you to the party tonight. Let’s connect. Tell me what else I had in my said you liked it too....

Tara I enjoyed sharing smiles with you today. I think you are very a beautiful person and have a great smile. I enjoyed the time, would like to do it again soon, maybe when you're not working. If you see this and want to connect with me tell me what color shirt I was wearing.

You were at the dog park and today was the first day we had an actual conversation. Your boy supposedly "opened up" another dog. Your dog is a good boy and only scared the other dog. We talked for a bit until you went in the pond area and I left. You probably won't get this but I just wanted to say you are very beautiful and friendly. Have fun at the dog park. If you do respond to this. Tell me your dog's name so I know it's you.

Hello how are you? I came in at lunch, it was very busy and you looked highly stressed. I ordered hamburgers you said thank god something easy lol. I asked you to smile and it was the most amazing smile I’ve ever seen. Your smile has been stuck in my mind ever since, and if at all possible I’d love to talk to you and maybe get to know you. I think you are so beautiful and I hope you get this. Have a good day



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