This is it! Today is your final day to vote at the mobile voting unit. It's called "food truck voting" and it may be the simplest thing I've ever done. Here's what to prepare for and where the truck is today.

vote outside voting unit


I went to the mobile voting unit yesterday. It's on 8th and Bannock. I'm wasn't yet registered to vote in Idaho, I changed my last name and I changed addresses. Because of all those things, I didn't think I would be able to vote in this election and I was feeling some major anxiety about it. What if I couldn't have my say?

I show up and give them my license and offer a bill with my name on it. This was only for proof of address that didn't match my license.

vote line


I stand in line patiently with less than an hour to go before it closes. With almost zero effort, I'm registered to vote and am ready to vote within minutes. The people at the mobile voting unit are extremely helpful and nice.

As I'm standing in my little polling cubby, I became overwhelmed with this feeling of gratitude. I can't believe I get to live in a country where my voice matters and my opinions are asked to be heard. It's not just about the presidency, it's about judges who are making decisions in our courts, it's about Idaho government. It's about how our state runs. They want to know what we think and will make a decision based on what we have to say. That's a very cool feeling.


vote selfie


I voted! I voted for the next president! I voted for judges and senators and, well, everyone! It's exciting.

To vote at the mobile voting unit today, you will need:

  • Current driver's license or government issued ID.
    • They need to see your photo and name together.
  • Proof of address. I brought this just in case.
    • Grab a utility bill or something similar with your name on it just to prove you live there.

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