We're several days in to Live for 175 so far and despite that fact that for us, the "routine" of running the event doesn't change-- no two days are the same.

With Monday being the first real "work day" we've been out here-- I had to get back into the groove of going on the air as I would any other day in studio--now just out at the Village at Meridian. With that comes a live audience, which isn't all too intimidating. It's the live audience that drives this!

Cowgirls in Kuna came by at about 11 O'clock and brought arguably more energy than any group yet-- they were a total riot and we appreciate the locally owned business showing their love for the event. Old friends came by to say what's up, too.

It was the phone call that I received at about 9:00 p.m. that made the day, however. Someone who didn't want to be named called into the show--all the way from southern California--just to say he was cheering us on from afar. He shared that some of his closest friends have been victims of abuse and he wished he could be here with us. It's easy to know we can be seen globally on the internet...it IS the internet after all.  It's another to KNOW we're being watched--and influencing.

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