Snow, slush, grime, and grey skies. That's what Boise and the greater Treasure Valley had been experiencing for weeks on end. Are we out of the 'winter woods' yet? Not quite. Is there light at the tunnel? Yes. Literally.

If you have yet to notice, the sun has been going down a little bit later than we're used to over the last week or so and conveniently enough, we've actually been able to SEE the sun while it sets. Clear blue skies have been blessing the city with a total tease of what's to come this spring.

Calm down, y'all...more sun really is on the way.

Here's a look at where we stand and where we're headed in regards to more sunshine in the Treasure Valley!

More Sun & Later Sunsets On The Way To Boise!

If there is one thing that the Treasure Valley is totally obsessed with: it's sunshine. Don't worry everybody--the sun is back...almost.

Gallery Credit: Credit: Mateo, 103.5 KISS FM

We literally can't wait until it's still light out when we wrap up the work day! 

One of the greatest luxuries of living in the Treasure Valley just so happens to be our weather. While we love to complain about it, few places in the world get a better sampling of all four seasons the way that we do! Sometimes, we'll even get all four seasons in one business day! It really be like that in Idaho!

Excited for the sun? So are we. It won't be all sunshine until summer, unfortunately, but according to the experts--each day that passes will be giving us an additional 2 minutes of sunshine and daylight. We are here for that, for sure!

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Boise's Summer Weather Extremes

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