It was reported a few months ago that my Alma mater, Gonzaga University, could be joining the Mountain West Conference. Of course, the Mountain West is home to Boise State so this hits home for me on a few different levels. Talks between Gonzaga University and the Mountain West included all Division I athletics and of course for Gonzaga (and the conference), basketball--both Men's and Women's was a huge draw.

For years, Gonzaga has dominated the West Coast Conference to a level that can at times be frustrating. Fans and experts alike want Gonzaga to have a tougher schedule--something that the Mountain West Conference definitely offers.

Announced this week by Gonzaga University, while talks with the Mountain West were legitimate, they will not be switching conferences. According to the university, the West Coast Conference has treated them well over the years and the interest going into 2018 just isn't there.

As a fan, I'm a little sad and I'm even more sad that some really great top tier college basketball won't be coming through Boise this fall.

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