There is nothing more refreshing on a hot summer day to me than a delicious salad. I consider myself a salad connoisseur. Ask my wife. If ever we head out to lunch I always want to go to a salad bar if I get the chance. This has brought me to try out almost every restaurant in Boise in search of the best salad I can find. And... the search has brought me back to two specific spots over and over again! First up on the list: Zupas on Broadway. Specifically, their Chipotle Glazed Chicken Salad. I'm salivating just typing the name... it's seriously that good! I like to add two scoops of cinnamon almonds on top. It's the best type of summer salad! It has several different dressings, tomatoes, corn, tortilla chips, and beans. A MUST TRY. My second favorite salad spot in Boise is hands down Mazzah Mediterranean Grill. The Gryo salad became a fast favorite when I started the Keto diet. Loaded the gyro meat, tzatziki sauce, feta, and red onions. It's absolutely delicious and super fresh. Not to mention I love the ambiance of this grill. They have a peaceful patio that I like to sit on while I enjoy this amazing meal. Are there any spots in Boise you recommend for a bomb salad besides these two?

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