I had one of the coolest experiences I've had in a while last weekend. My wife and I decided to check out the VR Tech Lounge in Meridian, Idaho. If you've never tried a virtual reality game, it truly is a surreal experience. I had never done VR before, so I wasn't sure what to expect. After you get signed in, you are led to your own sectioned off area where you put on your VR goggles. It's like stepping into a whole other world!

Everything is interactive, from picking up cups to hitting balloons. You can even walk in real life to get to other places inside the game. It really is something you have to experience for yourself to get the full effect! If you decide to try it out, I recommend checking out the game "Richie's Walk the Plank." Especially if you're scared of heights! My wife hates heights and screamed several times during the game, it was that realistic! Some of the games caused us both a bit of motion sickness, but that's normal.

Apparently it takes time for our bodies to adjust to something as intense as VR, so if you go a couple times you shouldn't have any negative side effects. I look forward to going again so I can continue in a Zombie game I was trying out. It really is a chance to live out things you can't do in real life!

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