Everything that is old is new again. As old people will say... "Kids these days".. LOL... but really kids today are discovering a bunch of vintage games from arcade to board and even the elusive Rubik's Cube. As a kid the first time I saw a Rubik's Cube, I remember thinking " I can do that". I waited for the group of friends to take their turn at solving the cube and as they all failed, I started to think that it was all a big scam and that the only way to get the colors back to solid was to peel the stickers off and place them in the right spots. Regardless of whatever my young mind was thinking I took my shot at it and guess what? I failed... Since that first attempt I've tried at least an additional 50 times to no avail. I know there is a formula but I've never been interested enough to learn it until today. Why? because I refuse to believe that a 7 year old can solve the cube and I can't.

According to brainstudio "it's estimated that less than 5.8% of the world's population can solve the Rubik's Cube." The 5.8% includes Zane Keefe and Nampa 7 year old. Not only can Zane solve the cube, he is actually teaching kids and adults like you and I how to do it on his YouTube channel ( see below). Before you ask, yes this seven year old created the YouTube channel on his own and filmed the video himself. I'm pretty sure this Nampa 7 year old is smarter than most adults. Well done Zane.


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