If there is one thing I'm really picky about, it's my Mexican food. I know, I know, insert joke about me being Mexican here--but REALLY...this can be TOUGH to find! I understand I might be a little biased because growing up, I was lucky enough to have a grandmother that made me the REAL stuff. Fresh rice and beans, homemade tortillas, don't even get me started on the salsa. I was a lucky kid and maybe you can relate to that, too.

I do have ONE guilty pleasure when it comes to chain Mexican food, however..and it's Chipotle. With a little Tex-Mex twang and some impressive spicy options, Chipotle is something I can TOTALLY get behind.

While in Nampa over the weekend to visit some family, I thought stoping in for a salad before heading back to Boise sounded like a good idea. Rather, it was a great idea. The bad news for me? Apparently the Nampa location has officially closed for business. I'm not sure what an "experience closure" means, but that's what was on their doors.

Sorry, Nampa. Chipotle is gone and a drive to Meridian is probably in your near future if you, like me, love a little Chipotle from time to time.

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