Boise is getting another Chipotle! This is probably really good news considering lines always seem to be almost out the door at any Chipotle in the Treausre Valley. This location will be opening in southeast Boise on Apple St. and Boise Ave. across from Timberline High.

Don Day of BoiseDev first reported in May of this year that this Chipotle will be different than the rest. This Chipotle will be equipped with a drive through lane! Also known as a Chipotllane, it;ll be the first of its kind in Boise.

An opening date has yet to be announced but if you drive by you'll notice that construction is nearing completion. Another telling sign is that the food chain has already begun hiring for the new location in prepation of being fully staffed for when it does open.

This will be the fifth Chipotle location in Meridian / Boise.

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