WalletHub just released the most and least stressed cities in the country. In the study, Nampa residents have double the amount of stress over Boise.

There is stress everywhere, but where are some of the most stressed-out places? Nampa ranked at 95 and Boise at 170 in this new survey that broke the most and least stressed states. Nampa received it's highest marks in the work stress category, there is less work stress there then Boise. Possible cause they have less big corporations? Now overall Boise fell pretty low on all stress level categories which is good. We did get the #1 spot for highest hours on average of sleep per night. Also we are in the top 5 of best cities for job security. Is it the city life that is more fun which can cause less stress or why would a town just 20 miles from each other be so far a part on the stress scale?

The number one most least city is Fremont, Ca followed closely by Bismark, ND. The most stressed is Detroit,Michigan. 

Source: WalletHub

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