I remember passing it all the time while I was growing up in Nampa: that beautiful water tower next to Interstate-84 that says "Nampa".

Well, when I was a kid, this thing looked a whole lot bigger than it does today...and just recently announced: this Nampa landmark will be coming down.

I wrote about this some time ago as the discussion at Nampa City Hall had just began: should the tower stay, or go? Many are attached to the landmark. Many said it should just be fixed up and left standing, others suggested an entirely new tank.

The over-arching problem with this tank is simply: it isn't the size that it needs to be for the growth of the city. Now, Nampa City Council has unanimously voted to tear this tower down and build a newer, much larger one in the same location.

So don't worry, Nampa--you won't be without a water tower--you're just about to get a much newer one. The new tank may be a couple of years out, but maybe you should go take a picture with the old one while you can.

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