If there's one thing that seems consistent about our new guy Mikey and myself, it's that we love some dessert. It's quickly becoming the type of foodie club in the office, I feel like. Every Thursday in our office, there are some free donuts in the break room from Pastry Perfection. Every Thursday, we cave and have one...or five...maybe ten. It's a serious problem!

A couple weeks ago my mom made some crazy good banana bread-- I had to bring that in to work to share. A few days later, Mikey is bringing in some homemade carrot cake-- we dove into that, too. Get us to a restaurant and the answer is always YES-- we've got room for dessert. I guess we're just a couple of growing boys...

While loving dessert is definitely not a rarity, we're wondering: who has the best dessert in Boise?

With so many options-- from fruit to chocolate, hot to cold, there's no one TYPE of dessert-- but I guarantee you that someone in town has the best selection with consistent results. We're wanting to know-- who do you think it is?

Post up in the comments and let us know because TOMORROW is National Dessert Day and Mikey and I may just have to hit the town looking for something off of the chain delicious.

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