Big news came down in the world of pets today, as Petco, a massive national pet store chain announced that they would no longer be selling shock collars.

I've never been a dog owner myself--although I do love doggos. At home, I have a domestic shorthair cat that I absolutely love to death. Being that I have no kids, I joke about Piccolo being my first born, but fellow pet owners will understand that it isn't crazy to say your pets are like your kids. I'd never use a shock collar on my cat--or dog, if I had one--but didn't know that discontinuing them was such a hot topic in the animal world.

The retailer, Petco, which has over 1,500 locations and a large online sales footprint, hopes to start a trend. According to their CEO, selling these devices doesn't align with the company's values and mission. You can see from the tweets below--many are a fan of today's announcement.



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