Houses, housing, real estate, property, mortgage...what do all of these words have to do with one another? Well, aside from just being in the same professional vernacular-- these seem to just be buzzwords right now.

These days, especially here in the Treasure Valley, just about anyone can throw up a photo of a house for sale and watch the internet sharks go crazy. Is there a recovery center open for "house porn", yet? While 10 years ago, I was in a very different place in my life--still in high school and having not a worry in the world--it seems like now more than ever, the Boise housing market is THE talk of the town. It is nearly paradoxical because...who can afford a house in this town!? Yet, it's all we can talk about?

A recent study done by the Wall Street Journal and has done the deep dive and put together a list of the TOP metro areas in the entire United States of America for home buyers. Where are those hot spots? Based off of all the headlines we see here in the Treasure Valley, you probably already thinking the same as I did: Boise.

Well, you're wrong. Boise actually ranked 21st.


That's right: little Coeur d'Alene, Idaho has the hottest housing market in the entire nation.

According to The Wall Street Journal, in the last year, the median home price is up 47%--we're talking $476,900. Yikes. A town that I have always referred to as "a little resort town" is now leading the nation and the secret is out--clearly--as says that the vast majority or 70% of online home listing views are coming from out of the State of Idaho.

Read up on our beloved "CDA" which includes a pretty cool feature on the Inland Northwest, HERE.

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