After a bomb scare in Caldwell last week, another explosive device was discovered on a homeowner's property in Meridian.

Diana Landa of Meridian says she was cleaning out an old shed on her property, when she stumbled upon a suspicious item. It turned out to be an explosive device with a Nazi insignia etched on it, along with the year "1938." Landa was planning on donating the explosive to a museum, until a coworker advised her otherwise:

He was saying it could be an explosive and how unstable these things can be if they're old.

Turns out, he was spot on. The Mountain Home Air Force bomb squad inspected the item, and it turns out it absolutely was an explosive, and still dangerous. Thankfully, they were able to safely detonate the explosive without incident.

As of the time of this writing, I was unable to find an official guideline on what to do if you believe you've discovered an explosive device. Since this is the second incident in a week, I'd err on the side of caution and contact your local police department before trying to handle any suspicious objects.



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