Girl, it's going to be hot in Boise this weekend.

How hot? So hot. Trust.

On Saturday (July 15th), Boise is expected to hit a high of 101°. That's pretty hot. Not record-setting temperatures, but it's still hot af.

Sunday, July 16th, is when things really start to heat up. We're not joking.

This Sunday, Boise will hit a high of 107°. Meaning you could cook an entire meal on the sidewalk. Probably.

If that feels like it's the hottest it's ever been in the Treasure Valley, you'd actually be pretty close to correct.

On July 19th, 1960, Boise hit a record high of 111°. The single hottest temperature in recorded history in Idaho's capitol city. Which means, yes, we'll be only 4° shy of hitting the steamiest day ever in Boise.

What's the deal? There aren't any volcanoes going off around here, to the best of our knowledge. The smoke from the Canadian wildfires isn't raising temperatures that much. Is it global warming? Did we do this to ourselves? Or is it aliens?

We all want to believe that Earth is either warming up naturally, or because of human causes, but have we ever considered an...outside influence? We can't prove that it's not technically aliens, so the possiblity is there.

While we probably won't know anytime soon the exact cause of this supa' hot day in Boise, make sure you protect yourself. Stay hydrated, try to find shade, wear sunscreen, and stay inside if possible. That way, the aliens can't get you.


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