It's all about masks in 2020 and beyond. I've already seen a story on Kim Kardashian who put some on sale and immediately sold-out running $8. I would have bought them myself for that price!

Masks are becoming a staple in our daily workforce and wardrobe. We just have to get used to wearing these masks until we don't have to anymore. That is also keeping Idahoans busy because local businesses are working overtime.

I was looking for something local and that's when I came across some very cool Idaho masks. Candice Collins is the owner and said you can't keep them in stock so much they've enlisted the entire family to make local masks.

We have a store front called @makeboise and had to shut down when the COVID pandemic started. we were worried about how to pay the space rent, and knww we needed to put our focus on our online sales. We saw there was a need for masks, and we had the materieals and time. We started out donating them to local essential workers, but hasd an overwhelming reponse from the public asking to purchase them. We didn't set out to make a huge profit on them but needed to cover out time and materials.

In The Pines Co, have made over 1300 masks and donated over 300 to Treasure Valley essential workers. Candice is Boise native and said, "Idaho is hands down my favorite place on earth." Candice and her family do so many other items like hats. The demand is so high they're putting most of their time into masks and they look great.

Photo by: Paige W

I'm all about local and we have to support these families and help them stay up. If you need a mask it's okay to order from Amazon but why not buy it from a family in Boise. I'll post up the link below. These masks are $5 for adults and $4 for kids.

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