We all head out in life with the best of intentions - especially when it comes to our kids. When we realize that we can't give them what they need, we'll do whatever it takes to find a way to change it. In this Kiss of Kindness moment, a neighbor knew just what to do.

From Cheynoah:

So here it is 97 degrees outside..  I had decided to take my son to Quinn's park pond..  But knowing I had just bought a bike cart from where I work at an auction I knew i needed to attach it so as I'm attaching it to my bike realizing the piece that attaches to the bike is upside down I'm thinking great as I'm leaning forward got sweat running down by face and getting light headed...  with my son helping me as well. I un-wrenched these 2 small bolts attach to the arm of my cart trying  to slip my hand through spoke very hard to do with like less then 1 inch of space to deal with..  and dropping small pieces on ground. So frustrated and so hot been at this like 45 min...  next thing I  see is white car pull up next door....  to neighbors house my son goes next door notices its a friend of ours and says hurry mom needs help...  the friend comes over immediately he was on lunch headed back to.work showed him what  my problem... was   he said yeah the person who had this cart before me .. The attachment at the end of arm was up side down. So he knocked the bolts out turned side ways..  and wrenched it back on my bike!!  The day was saved...  and my son rode in bike cart as i peddled on green belt to go swimming...  Thanks so much Dan!

It's everyday people who make our lives better. "It takes a village" is the most true statement I've heard not only when it comes to raising kids but just living in this world. We need each other and should help when we can.

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