It isn't rocket science--here in the Treasure Valley, families and individuals alike love their pets. You could say that is the case for just about anywhere in the world--it's a pet! Here in our area, however, people are particularly in love with their animals and we're totally here for it.

Where do you go when your pet is feeling sick or it's time to make sure everything is good at an annual checkup? This new, locally owned and operated veterinary clinic in East Boise has a state of the art, brand-new facility and when it came to "keeping it local" with my cat, Piccolo, I was glad that I had discovered them.

After an experience that I didn't love too much about a year ago, I knew that when it came time to have my pets health checked up on, I wanted to go someplace different. I reached out to a few of my friends that have pets and asked where the best spot in town was: "Habitat" kept coming up.

Habitat Veterinary Hospital in East Boise, out near Harris Ranch, is who I took my cat Piccolo to for her annual just this week. The brand new facility was absolutely gorgeous but it was the people that made the process so fun and easy that left an impression on Picclo and I.

My cat has no looming health conditions other than being a little bit of a chunky monkey--weighing in at 17-pounds and just under 7-year-old, she's still going strong!

Once we got into Habitat, we didn't even need to wait-- I appreciated that the clinic asked us to wear our masks to protect everyone and yet still provided curbside service for those that didn't want to mask up. After a quick check-in, we were taken right back to the exam room where the rest of our visit would take place.

Madison was the first person we saw--she asked all of the right questions to make sure that for Piccolo's first visit, Habitat knew everything they needed to know. After a weigh in and some vitals, our vet--Dr. Lee came into the exam room.

Dr. Lee was fantastic with Piccolo, she answered all of my questions and made sure that I knew everything that was going on. Part of Piccolo's check up was some blood work, a urine sample, and a biopsy on a little tiny bump by her eye. What I love the most, especially with Piccolo's visit, is that the hospital has an IN-HOUSE pharmacy, lab, radiology facility and ICU. All Piccolo needed was some lab work and having that right there in-house meant that there was no waiting for results. In fact, Dr. Lee had a full-blown explanation for me (along with good news) about the biopsy taken just minutes prior.

Dr. Lee and the entire crew over at Habitat Veterinary Hospital were amazing. When it comes to our kids and our pets (those are the same, right?), we want the absolute best and when I left this new veterinary clinic, I felt like I had made friends--more than just a new "cat doctor", if you will.

We know first hand that there are a ton of amazing vets here in the Treasure Valley and we appreciate each and every one of them for what they do to keep our animals healthy. Amid this pandemic, we even understand that now more than ever, vets are working hard to keep up with the demand for pet healthcare!

Thanks, Dr. Lee, Madison, and everyone at Habitat Veterinary Hospital, for being a tier above any other veterinary experience I've ever had and I can't wait for Piccolo and I to come back and visit, soon!

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