Growing up in Nampa, some of my best memories were going to Costco out by Karcher Road with my grandpa to stroll around and literally JUST take samples and get a hot dog at the food court. As I've grown older-- you couldn't pay me to "spend time" around a packed, crowded Costco. However-- who doesn't love these places!? Not to mention, their pizza is great too.

A new location is set to open up in Meridian as soon as the beginning of 2020.

Love Costco or not, this location wasn't the most popular for many residents living in the area. In fact, a town hall style hearing was held just yesterday for residents to voice their concerns. According to the Idaho Statesman,  the concerns included noise, traffic, pollution, and more. In fact, this hearing went on for 6 hours and didn't end until 1:00 a.m.

The new location is set to be built on the corner of Chinden and Ten Mile.

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