When we found out one of our favorite bartenders was leaving Old Chicago, we were super bummed...until we found out that he was leaving to open his own bar!

The Crazy Horse at 1519 W. Main has been vacant since June 2015 when the landlord evicted the grunge music venue.  Our friend Ezra saw the empty building as the perfect spot to open his dream bar, one that combines his love of craft beer and bicycles.  It's appropriately named "The HandleBar" and it opens Tuesday evening!

The whole story behind how the bar was constructed is very cool.  When Ezra took over the space, it looked completely different than the wood paneled walls you see there now.  Everything inside was black.  Ezra ended up using re-purposed pallet wood for the walls and a buddy's old fence for parts of the bar.  He ended up recycling old bike parts into the wall decorations and wrapped the tap handles in old bike chains. Ezra did all the renovations by hand with the help of friends, family and some of his old regulars from Old Chicago.

Located close to the Greenbelt, it's the perfect place for cyclists to stop at and have a cold beer after a ride.  It's also the perfect place to tune up your bike. There's a huge tool box up front to help fix everything from tires to chains.  There's a few work stands to put your bike up on to make it easier to work with.  In the back part of the bar, there's different racks to put your bike on so you don't have to worry about finding something to lock it to outside.

Some other cool little features? While, there's no food menu at The HandleBar, you can grab a boat of popcorn from the old Bogus Basin popcorn machine or order anything you'd like from surrounding restaurants that deliver. There's also blocks of four USB ports at each of the tables so that people can charge their phones, tablets or bike lights and board games for you to challenge your friends at!

As for the beer? Once all the taps are full, there'll be a menu of 25 and wine as well. Everything here is on tap, no bottles or cans.  The glasses Ezra found are bigger than your average pour as well. Instead of a 16 oz glass, the ones he found are 20 oz!

Check out some of these pics I grabbed at their "Friends and Family" soft opening on Sunday night! (And yes that's "Intern Lauren" you see behind the bar! She's the very proud girlfriend of Boise's newest bar owner!)

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