Concert season is almost upon us and the internet just doesn't lie--at least not the data points from this recent "study" released on Idaho's concert habits. If you were to construct a list of concerts that you and your friends would like to see right here in Idaho, who would  make the cut?

A recent series of data points released by an online casino and betting platform, 'Planet 7 Casino', suggests that they have the data to compile Idaho's own concert wish list for this coming year.

So, here's what the data suggests: are these really Idaho's top show!?

Idaho's 2024 Concert Wish List

Which artists would you add to this lineup?

Gallery Credit: Credit: Mateo, 103.5 KISS FM

Look, you can say what you want about any of these shows--there's no denying they would all be Boise sellouts! 

Let's go back to asking you what your favorite shows would be--there's no way that this list is far off. Talk about a "dreamy" series of shows!

The data behind these artists and Idaho's love for them is purely based on the amount of online searches for watch respective artist from internet users in Idaho. These results are by no means, rocket science.

Taylor Swift and country music did take the cake for most states-- with Drake occasionally making the cut in some.

One thing is for sure: Idaho loves a country show. Despite the fact that Taylor Swift is now a 'pop' artist, let's not forget where she got her start! Looking for country shows that really are coming to Idaho this year? Check out this guide. 

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