It's 2 O'clock in the morning, you're downtown with your friends, and it's probably one of the most asked questions on the streets of Boise: "where should we eat?"

The options are many: Uber up to IHOP (or is it IHOB now?), stumble over to Pie Hole? Grab a corn dog outside of Grainey's? Grab a hot dog on Capitol? Oh, don't forget about the Gyro's on Main street.

Enter a new late night food destination in downtown Boise that according to Michael Deeds is going to be open regular hours, too.

Donut Daze is a new restaurant going in that you may have passed a million times by now-- they're right next to the escalator that goes up to The Balcony Club. I assumed they would be serving donuts once open, but I recently learned they're going to be serving everything from beer to fried chicken!

Donut Daze plans to be open until 3:00 a.m. Wednesday-Saturday nights.


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