Macklemore & Ryan Lewis is back with a new song for the fans!  You can't buy it.  It's free.  They've added a friend, Ed Sheeran on a song for new parents.  AMAZING!  Listen here!

I didn't get through but :25 seconds before I starting typing this.  It's still playing, tears running down my face and I had to share.  There's no doubt I love our little 7 month Lennox and something about these lyrics just punch me in the chest.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis featuring Ed Sheeran wrote a song about growing up having a child.  It's called, "Growing up".  You can't buy it.  You can have it for free.  Macklemore isn't selling the single, but wants to share this art with his fans in preparation for the official release of new music on August 27th.  It's a brilliant introduction to life before life begins.  I love this.  I love my little Lennox.


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