When it comes to finding a vibe in the Treasure Valley, the options are limitless. Really, you could throw a dart at a map of the city and land on something fun, unique, and local to do with your friends, family or loved ones.

Downtown Boise has streets lined with friendly and approachable patios serving all sorts of food and drink.  Venture out to Nampa and you can find some really great options in their historic downtown area. A few miles further west will take you to Caldwell where a revitalized Indian Creek Plaza really "has it all" for events, music, and a day or evening out.

It's Meridian, however, that continues to both boom and tie both ends of the Treasure Valley together. Living up to it's name--Meridian, or, the "median" of the Treasure Valley--is continuing to grow and suddenly the umbrella of "Boise" has become welcomes as a larger metro. Major builds like The Village at Meridian along with a boom in housing has turned Meridian into a place for families and young professionals alike, granting easy access to anywhere in the Treasure Valley.

With this growth has come a new and locally owned and operated gathering place--one that we know the Treasure Valley is going to soak up. Anything with a patio is huge here, right?

Its called "Frontier Park" and it is a unique addition to an already growing downtown Meridian.

The bar is built into an opened up shipping container which points out to a greater lawn area where anyone can gather and soak up the sun--a perfect place for live music and events, too.

You can see an Instagram Reel that they have shared, below, capturing the "venue" evolution, from dirt-lot to contemporary gathering space, below:



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