You've heard of buildings or parks being named after late politicians or notable members of our community--but how often do you hear of a plant species taking the name of a former member of our community? It's a rare occurrence and quite an honor that has just happened for former Governor of Idaho, Cecil Andrus.

A new plant was discovered in the Boise Foothills by a group of scientists from the College of Idaho and Boise State University. Once confirmed this was indeed a new species, the opportunity was presented to name plant for a $10,000 donation.

Friends of the late Governor recalled he would walk his dog through those same foothills and decided this wold be a great honor.

The plant will now officially be named the Lomatium Andrusianum. Say that five times fast!

Governor Cecil Andrus passed away in August of this year due to lung cancer complications at the age of 85.

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