It's not every day you become immortalized via another life form.

4-time Idaho Governor Cecil Andrus just had a newly discovered plant species named in his honor. The  Lomatium Andrusianum was recently discovered by scientists from Boise State and the College of Idaho in the Boise foothills. Thanks to a $10,000 charitable donation by friends of the late Andrus, the plant will forever share its namesake with the Idaho democrat.

Researcher Jim Smith from Boise State sings his praise both for the former governor and his close friends:

"It was kind of great to see a lot of these people pull together and make a contribution and be able to honor Gov. Andrus in this way.

That $10,000 donation? It'll be used to further research new plant species in both Idaho and Oregon.

Andrus served four terms as Idaho's governor. He passed away in August at the age of 85.

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