Even during a global pandemic, people want into Boise, Idaho. It makes me proud to see our city grow, as a local. Here's to hoping we always keep the charm that makes out city so special.

News today from Delta Airlines only shows that our city is becoming more and more of a popular route. Just announced, a direct flight from Atlanta, Georgia will be added to Delta's presence in Boise. That said--you can now fly, non-stop, to and from Atlanta from our own Boise Airport.

According to a press release distributed this afternoon, this new flight, which will begin on November 20th of this year, is going to be the 20th city to which direct flight service comes into Boise. That said, Atlanta, Georgia is now also the LONGEST non-stop flight offered out of Boise and the furthest east of all destinations.

If you have a reason to book a flight to Atlanta, the route is now available for purchase.

The move was one of many that Delta made to strengthen their footprint in the west. You can see below that Spokane and Reno will also be seeing some new flights.

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