I've been driving by this new construction for a few months and they finally put up the signs. Zamzows is getting a modern facelift and opening a new spot side by side with Papa Murphy's in Boise on Lake Hazel.

I'm not sure about you but it's hard to keep track of all the new businesses opening up in the Treasure Valley. Either I need to get out more or this is just a boom happening. You could say it's been ongoing.

I moved to Boise right before the recession shook the country and it's everyone has picked up right where they left off.

I live up on Lake Hazel and there looks to be more happening. You have the new Zamzows which is a local favorite hosting the best in lawn, garden, and pet. Zamzows is a local staple and you might of heard the name, Grandma Z.  Mr. Zamzows voices all his commercials with the signature tagline,

Nobody knows like Zamzows!

Moving in next to Z-Nation will be Papa Murphy's Pizza with an undisclosed business in the end space. Papa Murphy's Pizza is the take home a bake place. They call it LOVE at 425 degrees! Right down the street is Albertsons which recently purchased a landmark grocery store in Paul's Market. They put in a Starbuck's Coffee and some gas pumps out front that you can use your grocery points on to get cheaper gas. I'd say business is starting to boom and if you're looking to buy - might be time as the interest rates are starting to hike.

I spoke with a lender last week and they've gone up to a point since I purchased 4 years ago and they will go up another point soon.

The Zamzows and Papa Murphy's Pizza isn't open yet but should be soon. I'll update with details.

If you know if any new businesses opening up and you have the deats before anyone else. Hit me back - kekeluv@1035kissfmboise.com


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