Today the country celebrates the mathematics biggest mystery, Pi. Well, it was only a mystery to me because I still haven't used this for anything in my life. I do remember this being a pain in class!

That's why I personally feel like this is payback! Free pie, discounts on a pie, and everything you need to know happens on this day. Bring on the Pie specials baby!

You can also look at this day like all the special days including one coming up on Saturday, St. Patrick's Day. This is just a good reason to go out and drink green beer! Pi day is a play on words to get freebies with anything that has pie. Let's go!

Blaze Pizza

Blaze Pizza at the Village is giving you $3.14 dollar pizzas all day! Some of the best in the Treasure Valley!

How about some baked like this kinda of pie Marie Callender's is giving you a free piece of pie with THIS COUPON.

Whole Foods is taking $3.14 off baked pies

I came across something Dominoes is doing that could be a coincidence but who cares! Buy one get one free!!

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