As you probably know, NF has been slated to come to the Boise Knitting Factory for some time now and as we made no secret--it sold out really fast. In a matter of weeks, 999 tickets were sold filling the Knitting Factory up to capacity. We knew this was going to be a crazy good show and for many of our lucky winners, getting into the show AND meeting NF himself became reality.

If you missed there show, here are a few of my thoughts and facts on NF!

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    He Captivates...

    No joke, his fans--you could tell--were true fans. More than any concert I've been to, everyone in the crowd knew the words to his songs and for being a rap show--the environment was totally friendly. How often at these sold out shows will people step out of the way to let you into the crowd!?

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    He's Human...

    I had a chance to be backstage with NF before the show last night and we talked about touring, life, and how he's feeling about being on a sold out tour.

    His answer? It's a lot to handle. NF is open about his anxiety and his struggle with finding a sense of relief at times.

    More on that in our interview I'll be posting today.

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    He's Coming Back

    That's right, July 11th NF will be back in Boise to open up for Logic at the Ford Idaho Center!

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