When it comes to stars in Idaho--there are a few that we've just grown used to seeing around town. Bruce Willis for years has called Idaho a vacation escape. In recent years, the likes of Bad Bunny and the entire Kardashian family have discovered North Idaho and the resorts and escapes that are up there--away from it all. Then, of course, there's Idaho's own Aaron Paul who can never return to town without sparking a frenzy over the fan love.

Who else comes to mind?

How about an Idaho born and raised NFL player that just happens to now be a household name across America and is playing for a team in the nation's second largest city?

Here's a look at this past weekend's celebrity sighting!

Downtown Boise Invaded by NFL Star Over The Weekend

Did you happen to see the NFL star that was partying in downtown Boise over the weekend? He's an Idahoan--and fans were stoked to see him!

Gallery Credit: Credit: Mateo, 103.5 KISS FM

Of COURSE Rocci Johnson was involved in this appearance! 

Did we mention that Kellen Moore is on his coaching staff?  Being a Defensive Lineman, there is probably little if any overlap with Kellen--but it could be the start of a Bronco takeover in Los Angeles.

If you didn't know this, Soctt Matlock is actually from Idaho--he didn't just play in Idaho because of his Boise State affiliation. Home for Matlock, believe it or not, is tiny little Homedale, Idaho where the population is barely 3,000 people!

We loved seeing the photos from the weekend and hope that Scott had a great time coming back to home to visit the Treasure Valley and hopefully, it was a welcomed break from the noise and speed of Los Angeles.

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