Think of how often you see someone walking around town in Boise State gear...and how often it has a Nike "swoosh" somewhere on it.  Now think to the flashy uniforms that Boise State wears on the blue turf (and that all of the other sports programs rock). Yep, they've got the Nike emblem too.

It's no coincidence: Boise State and Nike are partners and this partnership has just been renewed.

Maybe it's branding or maybe it's true: most just associate Nike with being the best when it comes to athletics and athletic gear. To Boise State, it means 12.16 million dollars in income from the major sports brand headquartered out of Oregon, until 2025.

The success that Boise State has seen (while wearing Nike) is no secret and it makes sense that a deal this lucrative makes them hold the largest partnership with Nike (or any other sports brand for that matter) in the Mountain West Conference.

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