If you've spent any time reading my past articles you would know that I happen to be a car guy. Not too long ago I owned 9 cars but due to garage space I had to as car guys say " trim the heard". If there is anyone that knows the pain of getting your vehicles registered in Boise or anywhere in the Treasure Valley I think I'm a perfect case study. Nine cars means nine visits to the DMV and when you start to add up the hours associated with each visit you realize that 20 plus hours of your life just disappeared.

What if there was a different way to go about registering your newly purchased vehicle? Would you pay extra to be able to do it all on-line and not waste your time? When I lived in Arizona I never went to the DMV, instead I used a third party service at a satellite office that would expedite the process but would have me in and out the door in less that 20 minutes every time. Congrats, Idaho just took that concept to the next level.

Log on to weregister4you.com and rejoice! no more trips to the DMV.  Imagine going online and within 72 hours having your registration in the mail? It's as simple as having the registration for your vehicle or the pink slip (502 form), knowing the year of the motorcycle or car you wish to register and whether you want to register for one or two years. Can you say "sign me up" ? The DMV in Boise already had long lines but when they switched over to their new system it became a nightmare. That nightmare is over thanks to wereister4you.com

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