The fight of the ages is over! whoooooooohoooooooo! YEAAAAAA! That's my sarcastic way telling you what it kind of sounded like on Saturday night. We went live from The Tailgate in Boise from about 5 p.m. till after the main event close to 10:30 p.m. We had no idea that there were preliminary fights and that didn't include the delay due to satellite outages. The hype was ridiculous and wasn't packed with just boxing or UFC fans. This was just a straight up pop culture event and if you missed it - you MISSED OUT!

I'll tell you that I was constantly checking CNN, reading socials and trying to get info regarding the Hurricane in House. I was also trying to navigate our social here in Boise around this fight. We'll come back to Houston in Monday's blog because this thing is treacherous, devastation, and tragic. We're hoping to get more info after the rain falls through the night.

McGregor last in a TKO against the undefeated Floyd Mayweather. Nobody expected it to go that long because this isn't McGregor's profession. That dude is a fighter in the UFC, but not a boxer and I'm surprised he stood to box all night. Fast forwarding because you probably don't come her to read analysis on sports. This was so much fun, it lived up to the hype, and to be honest it was just great to see people taking their minds off our political issues to enjoy a night. Tailgate did an amazing job in at a sold-out event and our server Tabitha was 💯

I'll be posting up the video shortly. Thanks to everyone for coming up. Check back or video and photos.

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