A 4th generation K-pop group has been making headlines and become the subject of trending topics online after an incident of alleged verbal and physical abuse by their company CEO in LA left them stranded with no staff.

Who is Omega X?

Omega X is a K-pop boy group consisting of eleven members: Jaehan, Hwichan, Sebin, Hangyeom, Taedong, Xen, Jehyun, Kevin, Junghoon, Hyuk and Yechan.

The group debuted on June 30, 2021, with their single "Vamos" and an EP of the same name.

Why Was #ProtectOmegaX Started?

Omega X's agency CEO Kang Seong-hee has been accused of mistreating the members of the boy group.

According to NME, a viral clip taken by a fan outside of a concert venue Oct. 22 in LA shows the CEO assaulting the group.

Kang is reportedly heard yelling at the group and calling them "losers" before telling group leader Jaehan to "stop being a singer" after he collapsed in what was allegedly having a panic attack.

Later, in a hotel lobby, Kang is seemingly seen grabbing the idol by the collar and claiming that he was "just acting" sick.

Group member Taedong allegedly attempted to help the leader before Kang knocked Jaehan to the floor, according to a report from SBS News.

They said that per fans' accounts, Jaehan was "sobbing" before finally getting into the elevator.

In a tweet, a Korean fan claimed, "Guys, we're waiting for Uber to get our food outside. I saw the CEO of the kids company hitting the kids. My hands are really shaking so I don't know what to do."

On Oct. 23, the company released a statement saying that as the staff and band were discussing their U.S. tour, they "wound up airing their grievances against one another," according to a translation from Soompi.

They claimed that the agency and the group "have currently resolved all their misunderstandings, and they ended the conversation by saying that they wanted to move forward while being considerate of each other," before ending with an apology for worrying fans.

Why Were Omega X Left Behind in LA?

Apparently, the group's agency cancelled the band's flight to Seoul after the alleged altercations occurred, leaving them stranded in LA alone on Oct. 23.

SBS News reported that SPIRE Entertainment said, "We have been discussing the flight cancellation for three days as the members could be on board with fans. It is not true that we have stranded the members in the U.S."

However, the flight was allegedly abruptly cancelled, and most of the group's staff boarded the same flight without the band.

After being left behind, the band were apparently forced to purchase tickets for a new flight home using their personal funds with help from their families, according to SBS News and NME.

The 11 members and one remaining manager boarded the flight Oct. 24 and were seen arriving at Incheon Airport in Seoul.

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