I somehow finagled my way into Treasure Valley Dancing with the Stars. I just needed a reason to dance. The problem was that both my dance pro and myself are crunched for time. We totally took a swing at this dance thing to see if we could even pull it off. Just in case it was a disaster, we added a surprise to the performance. 



$10,222.04 was raised for the American Cancer Society focusing around just one night. It was incredible.

I didn't get the highest score and didn't raise the most money. I was trying to campaign to get one of the judges (Mark Johnson from KTVB to be exact) to round his 9 up to a 10. No luck. Dang it!

A huge thank you to VITO who was our surprise guest. He took it to a whole new level.

My score = 38/40. The winner raised over $5,000 for the ACS which took me out of the running to win this whole thing. FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS? How does anyone raise that kind of moolah! Impressive. This money stays right here in the Treasure Valley!

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