Ontario Oregon is located about 50 miles away from Boise, and now, soon, you will be able to purchase legal marijuana in the city as voters lift the ban on the plant.

 A measure to lift a ban on marijuana sales in thet e eastern Oregon town of Ontario has passed. A total of 1,904 voters backed the measure, passing it with about 57 percent of the vote. A three percent tax on marijuana sales will go straight to the city of Ontario - a potential financial boon for a town that this year had to cut several key police and fire positions due to budget constraints.

Look, I'm not going to get into weather legalizing marijuana is correct or incorrect, but I will say I think the city handled the issue in the correct way. Putting these things up to a vote and letting the people decide is good. It also estimated that marijuana sales will generate more than $750,000 to the city in the first year. This money can be used for schools and veterans.


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