The quarantine has definitely taken our lives in different directions because we just take opposite paths. Some of us have to stay home away from work, others have lost jobs and we had to do our shows from the studio.

This has also brought out a creative side that we haven't seen like this. I've watched all the graduation streams that were hosted by blockbusters stars from Oprah, Lebron James to former President Barack Obama.

There's also another video that has turned into a challenge and it's great. This kind of reminds me of Jimmy Kimmel's Halloween "I ate your Halloween candy" videos from fans that are the best. This newest challenge is much more lighthearted but still pretty great. This one is also about the kids called, "Toddler Challenge." Moms are loving this one around the country.

The Toddler Challenge

Tyler Hubbard from Florida Georgia Line posted a cute one from his daughter and other parents are following the trend. That includes my wife who is out of town visiting her parents with our kids. I have no doubt my daughter would take this challenge to the next level and fail. This fun kids challenge has parents put candy in front of them asking to not eat. The parent says they have to go to the bathroom or something like that leaving the child alone with candy. That is stressful enough 😂The real question is what will they do?

Here's how ours went.

I was shocked because my daughter will eat YOUR candy if she can get it. She made me proud ⭐️Here's is little Hayley Hubbard below.


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