Freak Alley is definitely a special place in Boise. Whenever friends come visit Boise I always walk them through the alley as part of my Downtown tour. If you've been to Freak Alley you've seen Cartoonist Ashley Dreyfus work. As a matter of fact before Ashley was commissioned to do work for Verizon Wireless, Urban Outfitters, and even the band Phish, she got an opportunity to feature her work on a huge wall in the alley.

Ashley is known for her colorful characters artwork. She said of the "alter ego's" in a Idaho news 6 interview "I consider them as a part of me, definitely on brand." The characters are genderless and always painted in very bright colors  "They just kind of hang out and experience the world through their own eyes, and believe in equality and enjoying time with each other." she added in the same interview.

This is the part of the article where a huge congratulations is in order. Those same characters that have become Ashley's signature work will be featured on 30 million Pabst Blue Ribbon Cans. How did this happen? Ashley entered and won the Pabst Blue Ribbon's annual can art contest. "To see my art on 30 million cans, it was just mind blowing and unreal and something I never thought I could accomplish in my life," Said Ashley in the recent interview.  And just in case your wondering, yes the PBR cans will feature  the " Alter Ego's".

Ashley thanks for putting Boise and your artwork on the national stage. A toast to you and PBR's for all my friends.


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