Imagine spending time at an event that will haunt you for weeks, if not months or years. You children are begging you to go--and who would you be to not get them tickets to the event of the year? You think to yourself "oh, this will be totally tolerable" and then just minutes in to this live event in a packed arena, you find yourself turning to other parents are you and you're all wondering what on earth you've done.

Listen, we're here for it. Just don't say we didn't warn you.

Coming to the Ford Idaho Center in Nampa in 2022 is an event for the ages. In fact, we think you might already be able to hear it coming...

...Baby Shark, Doo, Doo, Doo, Doo, Doo, Doo...BABY SHARK!

YES--FINALLY! You and your kids will be able to attend this ear-worm of an event, together, as hundreds of Treasure Valley families sing it together--BABY SHARK!

Ouch, that's a little rough... 

It would be a crime to lie in an interview? 

This one hit a little close to home for us..

For more information and to get your tickets PLUS meet & greets to Baby Shark Live, click HERE

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