Here's something we all can agree on, traffic has definitely grown worse in the Treasure Valley. Just a few years ago, it was a breeze traveling down State Street to downtown, and commuting from Nampa to Boise wasn't a big deal. In fact, the only time traffic backed up was after a BSU football game, where we won of course.

The past few years the number of cars on the road and commute times have both increased. Blame construction, blame Californians, blame Obama (can we still do that?) but this Sunday it's none of those reasons traffic on I-84 will be shut down.

The Idaho Statesman Reports:

A section of Interstate 84 from Nampa to Mountain Home will be temporarily restricted by law enforcement on Sunday due to the Idaho Patriot Thunder motorcycle ride, the Idaho Department of Transportation said Wednesday.

Starting at 11 a.m. on Sunday, hundreds of motorcycles lead by the Idaho State Police will enter I-84 from Eagle Road and ride east. Cars will not be allowed to enter the highway through Nampa. As the caravan of riders heads east, the on-ramps will close. Major traffic delays are expected so it might be smart to plan ahead.

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